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This was the 1st Event of 2008, and a last minute booking at that! 

The venue was Tycoon, and I have to say it is a challenging place to take shots with an SLR!  It’s dimly lit, ideal for an intimate party,  and for a private meal (as the venue also doubles as restaurant).

 This was a surprise party, and I think it was a “real” surprise!  Due to the layout of the venue, I couldn’t be in front of the door without giving the game away.  However, I managed to capture the reaction! (see above)

This was a joint birthday celebration between Mrs B and her mum, celebrating their 60th and 80th birthdays respectively.

After the formalities of the cake cutting and starters, Mrs B’s friends took to the dancefloor and busted some serious dance moves!  I think the younger generation still have things to learn!

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One of the nice aspects of Tycoon, are the details including wall decorations and authentic indian lamps.   These came in handy as backdrops for portraits. 

The crowd consisted of young families, which allowed me to capture some great candid moments throughout the evening. 

Photobucket  Photobucket

It was a successful party to start the year with, with hopefully many more to come!

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