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We’ve been looking for a short break to recharge our batteries, when we came across a deal for Dubai.  I’d never been before, so off we went (with camera of course!).

Photobucket Photobucket

 As this was a last minute trip, we had little time to plan the trip and it was refreshing to wing it.  With photography bookings, preparation is key!  It was nice to break the mould and go with the flow.

We stayed on Jumeirah beach, near the old town.  On arriving it was apparent that the place had been influenced by America, from the wide “highways” to the cars using them.  I’ve never seen so many Corvette’s!

We spent a day in Meena Bazaar, with the wife in full shopping mode!  I can honestly say we spent an age in suit shops, luckily they don’t mind you taking pictures.  This allowed me to get some cool shots, using ambient light which is fantastic!


The Indian influence is immense, with adverts from popular brands featuring indians.  (I haven’t been to India for a long time!).  This really does give you an idea of the economic progress of India and indians across the world.


After I escaped…I mean got back to normal holiday activities we decided to go on a Desert Safari.  This is one hell of an experience, with 30 or so 4×4’s snaking through the desert up and down the sand dunes.  It’s a fun sensation, that is highly recommended.


The shot above represents the emotion I was feeling at this time:  the vast desert, the unforgiving glare of the sun and the sense of adventure as we began our safari.


Whilst out there, we stopped occassionally to walk around and get a feel for the vastness of the desert.  It’s an amazingly harsh environment, and it adds to the achievement of Dubai: it has come from literally nothing. 

As with any opportunity, I try to capture the essence of the place in my images.  This shot for me sums the desert up, as it’s the image I have always had in my mind whenever I think of the desert!

Photobucket  I wonder if anyone can guess the scale of this image!

 As the day drew to a close, we headed to the camp for dinner and evening entertainment.  I’ve seen the sunset in many places all over the world, but here in the middle of desert the sunset was calming and peaceful.  I would add romantic, but the smell of camel dung put paid to that notion. 

Photobucket  It was a breath taking sight, as we watched the day end gracefully.

 At the camp we shared a table with an Australian couple (from Sydney) , and a couple of guys from India (from Chennai).  Guess what!  Gabriel (the Austrian Australian) was also in to photography and his partner was a “camera widow”.  We do keep meeting our equivalents whenever we do go on holiday (if you’ve read the Thailand Blog, you’ll know what I mean). 

Photobucket  Now I’ve never been a camera snob, but there are times when the functionality of an SLR comes to the fore.  I took this shot without flash, after dark.  Technically it’s amazing to think you can do this (handheld). At times like this I am astounded by the technological advances we have experienced in our lifetime!

The next day we spent relaxing by the beach, and having seen the beautiful sunset I couldn’t resist a few more shots.  The location was equally spectacular. We walked out on the pier and then climbed on to the rocks to enjoy an un-interrupted view.  The scene was set to grab a sunset!  However, whenever you think you know it all nature let’s you know who’s boss!  Unfortunately the conditions were not ideal for a beautiful sunset, with the early evening low cloud causing a glaze of light, rather than a sharp image.  However, it produced an enjoyable image nonetheless.


 The next evening we visited the Gold and Spice Souks (Markets).  It was reflection of the relative security of women walking around with branded carrier bags of jewellery.  I can imagine you won’t last long if you tried that in London.

As well gold and diamonds, there were stalls selling authentic Arabic gear!

Photobucket  The wife suggest I should get one, however I declined (you’ll be glad to hear). 

If I get the chance to go again, I would love to spend more time in old Dubai and capture its authenticity.  With globalisation, we are losing the local charm of each place.  Which is a real shame….


It was a crazy holiday that was as last minute as I have ever done, and one shot sums it up:


Dubai just flew by!

Thanks for reading,



  1. Images are available for sale.

    Please get in touch via the website….

  2. Very well documented Sunny. I love the creative style you have used for you recent trip report. Your images are absolutely amazing and really capture the local culture.

  3. Hi Sunny,

    Thank you to both you and Pavan for the photo-shoot today. I had such a good time.
    It was very enjoyable.
    I hope I behaved myself and I look forward to seeing the photos at 10’ish tonight.

    Take care

    Ruchi x

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