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Over the weekend I had the privilege to shoot Milan’s 1st Birthday.   As you can see his parents went all out from his outfits to his lovely cake.  In the middle of the event the children’s entertainer took centre stage, I’ll have to admit they do one of the toughest jobs on the planet!  Confronted with several children is way too scary, I think I’ll stay (hidden) behind the camera for now!

Milan was a perfectly behaved birthday boy, despite all the people and the extra attention, not to mention the camera flash.  His sister was a little shy at first, but by the end of day she was smiling in all the pictures.

The next image is important as it captures 4 generations of the same family.  It’s easy to say, but extremely rare to see.  Hopefully, the image matches the significance!

Milan took to his 1st haircut as cool as you like, something tells me he’s been with Dad before…

After the haircut, he was dressed by his uncle’s and he looked a Prince!

 Thanks for Reading,



  1. Sunny,
    loving what I’ve seen of the shots so far. Can’t wait to see the rest!

  2. Excellent Photography Sunny!

  3. Excellent stuff sunny, specially the detailed pics of clothing.

  4. Very nice images Sunny. Loving the colours and the sweet little shoes.

    Again, some amazing work from a true pro.


  5. Excellent Images Sunny, Nice one of the tiny clothes

    Well done. Keep it up

  6. excellent shots sunny! nice and natural 🙂

    keep it up

  7. Great shots Sunny!

  8. impressive photography – job well done!
    And as for little Milan – he looks cute:-)

  9. Sunny
    you have captured, the day so well

  10. Very impressed with the shots and sunny’s professionalism

  11. Cute, very professional.

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