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Holidays are an ideal time to catch up with family and friends.  On Bank Holiday monday, we took the opportunity to meet our good friends Nick and Ruchi. 

We had agreed to shoot a set of lifestyle images, and Monday was the day!  We chose the classic surroundings of Convent Garden for the shoot.  It was extremely busy, but as ever we’ve worked with the location to produce a stunning batch of images.  We hope you agree!

Photobucket Photobucket




  1. Yippeeee!!!!!!

    I love the photos.

    Sunny and Pavan, we enjoyed the photo shoot so much.

    We had a great day and the shots are fabulous.

    Thank you

    Ruchi and Nicky x

  2. Looks wicked.
    From the soprano family !

  3. These photos are excellent. Love them, but does Nicky know there’s a stalker in photo 1 poking her head out from behind the pillar?

  4. Great work Sunny.

    I love the mono treatments to your images.


  5. Fabolous photos. Wish we looked this good.

    Nick looks like the stalker, Anju!

  6. Fab photos, Sunny. Wish we looked this good.

    Haven’t quite worked out which one is the stalker though!

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