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On Saturday Night, we covered one of the craziest parties ever!  Having covered many Asian events, we really thought we had seen everything!  So when we were booked for this party, we anticipated a few close relatives making an effort, with the rest of the guests in “normal” indian attire!  Boy were we wrong!

Never in a million years could we have imagined Wolverine, Scooby Doo and Batman in the same shot!  We can now!

The surprise event was a joint birthday party, with the 2 birthday boys thinking it was a surprise for the other: an ingenious plan!

The costumes were varied from Cops and Robbers to Britney Spears, and everything in between!



Behind the scenes, Fred Flintstone was the man keeping things together!

Thanks for Reading,



  1. What a mad party!

    Thanks to all the attended and thanks for making the effort to come dressed up…!

    It certainly looked as if everyone had a good time and trust me there was nothing funnier than seeing everyone in fancy dress soing bhangra! LOL

    Happy Birthday Satty and Happy Birthday Harvey… SUPRISE!!!

  2. hahaha! Madness!
    Fred Flintstone is my fav!


    Seriously thank you to all those who attended and make a brilliant effort in there outfits – loved them!!!!

    Thank you to you guys for making it a fantastic night for Satty and Harvey and i’m glad too knw that the efforts and hard work (trust me) by myself and Chaz were 100% enjoyed – and thanks for keeping it a secret!!!!

    Great work by you sunny and your wife and thanks a bunch – can’t wait to see the pics!!!

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