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We had the pleasure of shooting Gurcharan’s Sikh Wedding over the weekend.  The british summer had finally arrived, and provided a fitting backdrop to a wonderful event.  The Sikh Wedding Ceremony was followed by a reception @ Brentford.  NTP productions provided the entertainment, and were excellent as ever.

Now updated with a slideshow,  Part 1:

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Part 2:

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Thanks for reading!



  1. aite sunny…
    your photography is really good….i like the way you have captured certain pictures there really good… nice work!

  2. Sunny the slideshow is really really good!!! To be honest your work is some of the best ive seen!!!

  3. Thanks once again Sunny & Pavan for making a day memorable via your photos. Love the shots and the slideshow!

  4. Sunny the second Slideshow is really good, that software is pretty sick! Sounds like your a gurdas maan fan~!!

  5. Brilliant stuff sunny!

    Keep it up!

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