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sunny kalsi photography  managed a rare week away last summer to the beautiful island of Sardinia.  Apart from some well needed R and R, the island provided plentiful opportunity to shoot gorgeous landscapes.  This requires a different skill set from wedding photography.   Instead of swift thought and grabbing your images as the action unfolds, the focus on finding the right vantage point and waiting for the right light. 

Landscape photography allows you to test out the equipment and push the quality of both lens and camera.  Resolution and wide angle lenses are key (well for my style at least!), as well as the all important tripod.  I learnt this the hard way, when I could see the shot but didn’t have the equipment to execute it!

So what of Sardinia: it’s a beautiful place, with the best beaches in europe and simple gorgeous food.  The people are friendly, and if your willing to try a little italian they’ll be more than willing to help teach you some more.

The roads are fast, it’s the only place where I’ve seen a coach overtake a motorbike that was already speeding! 

Below are a selection of images from Sardinia, plus a couple of shots of the alps from the plane home.

Thanks for reading,



  1. Great images there sunny. I love the deep colours in these shots and the amazing dramatic backdrops.

    It’s nice and refreshing to see images other than those from weddings.

    Great work :0)

  2. Breath taking pics look amazing, v well captured.

  3. VOW! Amazing pictures Sunny, love the way you’ve captured the alps from the plane.

  4. oooooohhhh wow!

    What a beautiful place 😀

    Fantastic yet again Sunny!


  5. Very nice, especially the top two.

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