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For sometime, sunny kalsi photography have been wanting to push ourselves and be creative outside the wedding environment.  Something different from the norm………

We came up with a simple concept of sevens sins:

  • Lust
  • Gluttony
  • Greed
  • Sloth
  • Wrath
  • Envy
  • Pride

Firstly we needed expertise on Hair and Make up.  For this job we wanted someone with vision, ideas and ability to deliver. We chose  Dil Matharu, as we’d remembered his bridal work as being highly original.  We wanted 3 different styles, from pop to classic and a funky envy inspired final look. As you can see, Dil did a fantastic job delivering 3 different looks in one day. 

We needed was a model, but rather than use a professional model we wanted a bride (preferably a past customer!).  We put out an advert on facebook to see if any our former clients would be interested, and we were pleasantly surprised by the response – you may remember Ruchi from a shoot from back in 2008.  (For all those who are interested keep reading!)

The shoot was a fantastic experience, the skills required are different to wedding photography in a number of ways.  One of the main differences is the level of planning required.  Wedding photography is very much an art of thinking on your feet, and reacting to the day’s events as they unfold.  As I’m sure many will agree, indian weddings rarely run to plan.  In this shoot, the level of control is much higher and you are responsible for all aspects of the shoot.  This in turn means greater levels of creativity!   The other aspect is the time available to take each shot, review and then shoot again.  This is a luxury that is not afforded to a wedding photographer!

The last big difference is the choice of location, for this shoot we had several options and it was great to use different locations to emphasis the image. 

Having had this experience, we will look to doing this every so often (maybe once or twice a year).  We’ll be using our facebook group as the launch pad.  So if your interested in participating in the next one, it’s very easy: join the facebook group!  We’ll send out an email over the coming months, we’ll be looking for make up artists, brides / models and wedding outfit suppliers……..

 Time for the images and a short slideshow, as ever your comments and feedback are much appreciated!

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  1. WOW! Sunny, these are absolutely BRILLIANT images!

    Dil, well done with the make-up!! You are defo going to make it big!!

    The model looks like a real pro!

    It’s not even a case of 1 or 2 pictures being brilliant…every single image is just so striking!! You have captured the theme of the concept beautifully!

    Well done SKP team!! 🙂

    OK, best get back to work now!

  2. Super WOW!!
    Sunny, excellent job once again – what a fantastic idea!
    Dil, congrats with the make up – a job very well done!!
    Love the theme, love the images and love the slide show!
    You could say…genius at work!!

  3. hey guys, images look great!

    well done

    – dil

  4. Interesting concept.Well carried out.

  5. Photo’s have an very good look and edgy feel to them… defo fab work..keep up the good work

    – Manny 🙂

  6. Hi,

    I recieved this link through Ruchi

    Fantastic photo’s and really captured the theme! Particular fave’s (I hope they are the correct ones!) include Sloth and Envy.

    Good to see. Will forward onto friends that have up and coming events.


  7. Hi the photo’s are fantastic. What an amazing concept, which was so well executed. The theme is so exciting and the photos so avant garde. A real joy to view. Great slide show and beautiful work. Wow……

  8. Hi Sunny and Pavan

    WOW!! Excellent pictures, slide show and concept. Love the pic where the model is wearing a saree in the gym.

  9. Loving the work Sunny! Complete contrast to a wedding. Well done for thinking outside of the box. Such a moody look to some of the captures. Bravo!

  10. really impressed…very cool and outside the box thought process! likin it! anon

  11. wow…very cool..outside the box creativity…likin it! anisha. x

  12. Hi Sunny and Pavan, the photos are fantastic and I really must thank you for all the direction you gave me on the day, you were both superb. I felt so well managed and your creative flair came through in gallons. I found Dil to be an amazing and talented make-up artist and would thoroughly recommend him to others as his work was so professional and yet so daring and inspired. I think that the shots chosen really represent the high quality of work you both produced throughout the day and I would wholeheartedly recommend you to any future bride who wants memorable yet artistic and individual photos to remember her special day. I think that your photography is growing from strength to strength and i cannot wait to see your next installment. Take care for now.

  13. great work. just stumbled upon you. look forward to seeing more work with a touch of humor and definition of the people and environment.

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