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sunny kalsi photography documented Harminder and Sukhi’s wedding.  They made a fantastic bride and groom, and it was a real pleasure to shoot their wedding.  Over the last few months we’ve gotten to know them both, as we had shot their pre wedding shoot a few months ago followed by their engagement recently.  

We look forward to your feedback and comments!

We hoped you enjoyed the images.




  1. the photos look great, we cant wait to see them all. the photos really capture the moment, and make the memories of the day all come back. thanks for doing such a great job – sunny and pavan.

  2. Hey fellow Kalsi’s

    Amazing photos yet again 🙂

    Beautiful images,I love the detail captured and a gorgeous last shot with the sun and clouds.

    Looking forward to seeing lots more from you both.



  3. Good stuff Sunny, Loving the last shot especially 😀

  4. great work Sunny, nice crisp images 🙂

  5. Lovely shots. Great clarity in the images.

  6. Lovely photos. You look lovely Sukhi, congrats to you both!!

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