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sunny kalsi photography present Rav and Satinder’s post wed shoot in Valencia, Spain. This shoot has been a long time coming with our initial discussions taking place this time last year!  Rav and Satinder were great fun to work with, and make a fantastic couple.   It was a great pleasure to do our first foreign “pre wed type”  shoot, I’m sure there will be more to follow!

We hope you enjoy the images!

We’d love to have your comments and feedback!

Thanks for viewing!




  1. Fantastic photos Sunny. I love the silhouette of Satinder and Ravi. It’s my favourite.

  2. Excellent work sunny, there are some exceptional shots there

  3. wow what a sweet couple

  4. WOW!! love them Sunny. Can’t say which I like the best :-s

  5. aww Sunny great job!

    Really lovely shots and what a great location!

    Beautiful colours and the images look really natural 😀



  6. One of ure best shoots to date !!!!

  7. Hey Sunny and Pavan,

    Long time hey, can you believe a year has gone already?! Your shoots are getting more interesting by the day and they all look fantastic.

    Hope all is well..!


    Anuraj and Gurpreet

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