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We’ve moved:

sunny kalsi photography present Baldev & Reeta’s Wedding Reception.  The event was held in Bray, in the fantastic Edwardian Marque.  We thoroughly enjoyed documenting the event, with Haweli providing the catering and the In Touch DJ’s providing the entertainment.

Congratulations to the couple on their wedding!

We hope you enjoy the images!

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sunny kalsi photography had the pleasure of shooting Jas and Roopi earlier this month.  We had already shot a pre wedding with Jas & Roopi last year, so this shoot had to be bigger, better and way different……..

We’d love to have your feedback, so please do leave comments!

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sunny kalsi photography would like to present Jas & Gursh’s Civil and Chuni ceremonies.  We first shot Jas & Gursh back in may for their pre-wedding.   

It was a lovely event, which had a touch of de ja vu for us, as we  had the pleasure of shooting at the same venue, same day last year for Jas’s brother’s event

Gini Bhogal did a fantastic job on hair and makeup, and we look forward to working with her again for the wedding. 

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sunny kalsi photography had the pleasure of shooting Manj and Rupi’s engagement events over the weekend.  The day started with Kurmai, followed by the chuni.  Despite the threat of heavy rain, the day turned out to be perfect for photography!  We’d like to congratulate both Manj and Rupi on their engagement, and wish every success in their wedding preparations.

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Sunny Kalsi Photography had the pleasure of documenting Mick’s kurmai over the weekend.  This was a special event as Mick is one of my oldest friends, and it was an honour to document his engagement to Mandeep.

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